Rotocast Technologies has the products and services to provide exceptional value to your molding operation. We are customer driven consistently delivering quality, price and lead-time on every project. Our talented staff has embraced this culture through innovative process improvement and responsible management of our resources. The services that we offer include:

Product Design
Models & Foundry Patterns
Aluminum Castings
Jigs & Foaming Fixtures
Fabricated Molds
Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Frames & Spiders
Sandblasting & Texturing
Teflon Coating
Repair and Refurbishment
Spare Parts
CNC Molds
  • 10ft Boat
  • 17ft Boat
  • Floor Scubber

Rotocast Technologies, Inc. 1900 Englewood Ave Akron, OH 44312

phone: 330 203 2335
fax: 330 798 9752
If you’re looking for a rotationally molded part or rotomolder, we can help you locate them.
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